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At last, I can announce the big news!! I’ve signed with Gearbox Digital, winner of the UK’s Hard Dance Awards 2013 BEST label. The label has really good action and productions recently.

Gearbox(GBD) already decided to include my track “Moonlight” for GBD100, an EP celebrating new Euphoric Hardstyle artists who have recently joined GBX. And they will release my first EP with them, “N3V3R,” in April.

But I couldn’t release as an exclusive artist from GBD because I already have my own label R135TRACKS and also do a lot of work for other music productions, so GBD’s label owner and I talked about what we can do.

Finally, I decided to make a new alias for only my Euphoric Hardstyle releases. My Hardstyle might be a little unique if you compare it to other Euphoric guys, because I’ve always been a genre -bending producer. But I want to say that I love Hardstyle kicks and Euphoric melodies. I will keep on developing my own original take on Hardstyle.

I want to say “Thank you for understanding my situation” to GBD and I’m very proud that I can join GBD. I’m so happy now.

RYOJI TAKAHASHI will be reborn as “MIKAZUKI” for Euphoric Hardstyle!! Don’t miss out on all the action and be sure to keep an eye out for MIKAZUKI

MIKAZUKI new Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mikazukimusic

Gearbox Digital https://www.facebook.com/GearboxDigital

P.S MIKAZUKI means “crescent moon” in English. I’m still not a “full moon” in hard sounds, but sometime I will be… there is still a lot of room for me to grow within this style!

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MIKAZUKI – Moonlight [GBD100]