RYOJI TAKAHASHI – T3ars (Don’t wanna cry)

2014-12-10 オフ 投稿者: RYOJI TAKAHASHI

さてさて、ひっそりリース第三弾です。若干ボーカルトラックですが、ボーカルは誰とか秘密w Soundcloudに上げたらすぐにチョコチョコとコメントが付いて嬉しいなー。最近は俺流ハードスタイルになってますが、これからももっと色々なハード要素合わせて作ってみたいなー。


I will quietly release new one that is third release. It’s a little bit vocal track
but I intend to keep secret who is vocalist of the track. When I uploaded the track, someone wrote good comment immediately. I’m really happy. Some tracks which I released nowadays became my original style hard sound.. but I want to combine more good hard sounds.

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